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Special price for Father's Day

Source:Well Editor:Elena Time:2016年03月15日 05:38

All nice time with Father is Well enshrined.---Well watch box/tie box

There is a promotion by our company.Order at least 360 pcs, you will enjoy the unit price for 10000 pcs!--the MOQ is 360, if the group quantity of the same item as follow reaches 10000 pcs before April 15th, all of the customers can enjoy the unit price of 10000pcs. Then we will inform all the customers to make the payment, and arrange the products. By the way, the production cycle is about 25 days.

Any question,please contact me freely!

About this project:

1.Deadline:April 15th (8days left)

2.Qty raised:2310pcs(watch box)

                      860pcs (tie box)

3. G*** CO (360pcs watch box/360pcs tie case)

    K*h***  (450pcs watch box)

   MC*** CO(1500pcs watch box)

   PA*****(500PCS tie case)


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