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Craft tedious, challenge is not small

Source:原创 Editor:管理员 Time:2015年10月19日 08:29

Brush pot, tissue boxes, back, pillow, curtain, plaque, accessories, furniture...One by one by pecan processing handicraft hard, lifelike.Elegant decorative pattern, the colour and lustre of of primitive simplicity and natural, let a person fondle admiringly.Once everyone abandoned pecan empty seed, after chen-xu wang's unique design and processing, become one a feast for the eyes of Chinese arts and crafts.

Recently, under the guidance of chen-xu wang, the author went into making pecan empty seed handicraft factory.Only two workers are holding a special glue pieces of pecan pieces in accordance with the little shoes mold carefully glued into exquisite brush pot."The pecan pieces is to use a special cutting machine cut, 1 cm thick, evenly cut, excluding the walnut kernel inside, and then rinse the walnuts to dry, can be used to stick."Chen-xu wang, while view next to the just stick good brush pot.

Pecans is a long history of the han nationality traditional arts and crafts arts and crafts treasures.Got empty seeds as raw material, while maintaining its decorative pattern, colour and lustre is natural form, using high-tech method for processing, after cutting, polishing, adhesive, fine carving, dozens of process program, processing is made and be become.

Chen-xu wang told me: "want to make this small walnut handicrafts are not so simple! Slice and carved benevolence, wash the sheets, glue, grinding... speak little more than ten working procedure, almost entirely by hand."Chen-xu wang said, "an ordinary little brush pot, need half jins of nuts, and ordinary a plaque, to more than 20 jins of empty seed pecans, each one according to model the walnuts a little stick together, there is a glue is bad, the whole arts and crafts can be melted away, so be very patient to just go."

After the master the basic technology, chen-xu wang began to study to paint, carve patterns or designs on woodwork, lettering on the arts and crafts.After the pecan crafts of painting to the natural texture primitive simplicity, and added a lot of fresh colors;Carved wooden plaque engraved with "all rivers run into sea", carved wooden chair massage function more...Antique and elegant.

Recently, chen-xu wang have a creative new idea.He told me that there is a lot of pecan empty seed got value, they are in the middle of the parts have been used up, but the face is cut down and sit idle, piles of "round hat" how to turn?He felt that if the material is lost so much, it is a shame.So many times after pondering, chen-xu wang decided to use the "round hat" in pairs of simple massage slippers."Wore slippers walk fifteen minutes' walk, you will feel refreshed. For slippers like this, I will continue to innovate and produce in the future can be automatic massage pecan slippers. At the same time, create more beautiful and useful pecan crafts."


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